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Why Visit United Kingdom?

United kingdom especially England is popular because of so many reasons, apart from it being our colonial master abode, it is rich in history, monuments and great people who have gone beyond and those still alive.
David Beckham, William Shakespeare, The Beatles, and of course Her Majesty the Queen of England are people that have made England a well-known country. England is also famous because of places like Buckingham Palace, British Museum, The Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, London Eye and so many more places. England is also termed the home of soccer, because of the English Premier League.
All these have made England a place to visit for thousands of tourists around the globe yearly which does not exempt Nigerians. Be sure of having a good vacation when you visit England.

For Nigerians, you will need a valid UK Visa to enter England. To obtain a Visa, you will need to apply to the Home office for a short stay visa. You will need to meet certain requirements before you can be issued the visa. Some of the requirements are listed below
1. Have an international passport
2. Proof of sufficient fund for your trip
3. Enough social ties in Nigeria
4. Also prove that you will return back to Nigeria after your visit
5. Fill the application form
6. Pay the required application visa fee
Documents needed to prove the above requirement are
1. International passport
2. Bank financial statement
3. Documents from your work place if employed
4. Business registration documents if self employed
5. Marriage certificate (if any)
6. Landed documents (if any)
7. Flight reservation
8. Online form
These are some of the documents needed to apply for a UK visa. There are dos and don’ts of UK Visa application; we will discuss this in our next blog.
If you need assistance in applying for UK Visa, we have competent and trained staffs that are ready to assist you. You can call us 08038551366, whatsapp 08024217590, email
We await your call for your visit to United Kingdom

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