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UK Visa General Requirements and Information for Nigerians

There are a number of people every year who wish to go to the United Kingdom. Reasons such as work, leisure, education are the most common ones cited by those who wish to go to the country. Some would also wish to settle down there and take all the benefits that the country has to offer. However, in order to go to the United Kingdom, individuals must first apply for a visa and only then will they be able to go to the country. This article talks about the basic aspects of UK visa application.
Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a UK Visa:
In order to apply for a UK Visa, the applicant needs to be eligible for the class of intending visa. Given below are the eligibility criteria for a UK Visa.
• Applicants must prove that their entering to the UK will not be harmful in any way and will only be productive to the country and its public
• Applicants must be able to prove their qualification to avail a visa
• A passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months must be provided
• At the time of application, applicants must not be embroiled in any criminal case.
• The applicant should have financial resources to support themselves and their dependents during the course of their stay in the country
• Applicants should undergo medical tests to acquire clean bill of health depending on class of visa. Standard Visitors don’t need to undergo medical tests.
• Applicants must have a work visa(if applicable)
• At certain times, applicants may be asked to attend interviews to receive visa
Documents Required to Apply for a UK Visa:
While applying for a UK visa, applicants will have to submit certain documents. These documents are listed below and are compulsory.
• Receipt for paid visa fee
• Appointment confirmation letter/document
• One recent colour photograph that is passport sized and should meet UK visa requirement. Immigration photo guidance is necessary only when the applicant is exempt from providing biometrics
• A printout of the application form taken online which has been dated and signed
• In case applicant has applied for a settlement visa then a completed self-assessment form that is dated and signed is necessary
• Other supporting documents such as proof of age and address
• Marriage or divorce certificate along with evidence of applicants family staying in their native country when they travel
• Evidence of admission if study
• Evidence of income and bank account, tax submissions and so on.
• Photographs on the application. However UKVI does not need passport photos from those who submit biometrics.
The cost for a standard visitor visa is £87. The cost varies based on the visitors stay. Optional priority visa service costs GBP 150, and is optional.
Processing Time for Visa Application:
The visa processing time varies based on the city/country customers are applying from.
For example, if an individual is applying for the visa in NIgeria then based on the visa applied for, processing time varies.
• For visit visas such as long term visit, visa will be processed within ten days.
• For other visit visas such as general visit, business visit or other visits, processing time is within 15 working days.
• Also processing can be fast tracked by paying for priority fee or super priority fees
Steps to Receive a Faster Response:
In case customers have applied for settlement using SET (AF, F,LR,M,O) forms, they can receive a response within five working days through additional processes.
• In addition to the visa fee, they will have to pay another £400 per person and fill out the respective form.
• Biometric information must also be provided at the submission centres
Modes of Application:
Customers can apply for a UK visa online
Submission Centres in Nigeria:
• Abuja Centre: Teleperformance Visa Application Centre Muktar El Yakub Place, Third floor, Murkhtar beside Metro Plaza, on, Plot 1129 Zakaria Maimalari St, Abuja.
• Lagos Centre: Teleperfomance Visa Application Centre, Etiebet Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja
• Island Centre: 3 Afribank St, Victoria Island, Lagos

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