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The Great Wall of China, Facts and Myths

What do you know about this iconic tourist attraction center? Read along!!!!!!!
The Great Wall of China is an ancient wall in China made of cement, rocks, bricks and also dirts. It is believed that the construction started between 770-220BC
🧱 The wall was constructed to protect people of Northern China back then from enemy invassion and attack.
🧱 GWC is the longest structure every constructed by man. Its about 21Km long, 9m wide and height of 15m.
🧱 There are over 20000 beacon towers/ watchtower along the Great Wall. The towers were constructed to send out signal for communication. There location along the wall must be at a strategic point.
🧱 GWC is not a straight wall as many peope believe, it is an ancient series of wall. Its not just one consistent wall but a collection of walls.
🧱 Presently, due to deterioration, human damage and erosion, 30% of the the Great Wall is gone.
🧱 The Great Wall is now a UNESCO world heritage. It is now being protected legally by UNESCO.
🧱 Another name of The Great Wall of China is the Chinese Wall.
🧱 Over 9 Million tourists visit GWC annually. Anytime you find yourself in China, make sure to explore this wonder of the world.
These are few facts about a great monument, feel free to add yours or make observation in the comment section.
There is a saying written at the bottom steps of the wall “Untill you reach/climb the Great Wall of China, you are not a hero.” This means you must get over difficulties before reaching a goal. As you go out chasing your dreams and goals, there will always be challenges and obstacles, dont relent, keep pushing, dont give up til you achieve your goal.
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