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Hemoghy Travel Owu fall 2020

Hemoghy went on its first local tour in December 26th 2020 to Owu fall. Owu fall is located in Owa Kajola village, Ifelodun Local Government, Kwara State, It is the the highest waterfall in West Africa, ranging between 100m and 120m.

Owu fall is really a wonder to be behold, heaven on earth sight. I must also include that the trip is not for the faint hearted. The walk, the hike, the sweat and the run all made it a fun filled experience.

We took off from Ilorin, passed through Oro Ago, near Omu Aran, I must say that the shortest route to the fall is through Oke Onigbin. We dint pass thru Oke Onigbin because of the bad road as the time of our trip. Give or take we drove for 4hours from Ilorin to the Owa Kajola where we met the village head chief.

From the village to the fall, is about an hour of walking and hiking. Where some people were strong till the end, we had to carry, push and encourage some who said they couldnt move on. las las, everyone saw the fall and it was a beauty.

We really hope the government will develop that fall and make it a resort to generate income for the state. The fall can generate billions of Naira if developed and managed well.

To all those that went with us, we say thank you. We have gotten your feedback and we will surely improve on our shortcomings and also work on your suggestions to make us better and serve you better. You are our number one fan. A big shout out to our local tour Sam also. You did well.

Pictures they say, speak better than words. View our pictures to get a feel of our trip.

Kindly enter your details for reservation. See you in Ikogosi soon!!!!!!!
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