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Burj Kalifah
Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirate
🛕 Burk Khalifa, a skyscrapper named after the President of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifah Zayid, is a tourist attraction monument in Dubai.
🛕 It is currently the tallest building, tallest free standing structure with the highest number of stories in the world.
🛕 Burj stands at 825 meters with more than 160 stories. It has been as the tallest building in the world since 2009. It is 3 times as tall as Eiffel Tower in France.
🛕 This iconic beauty constrution started in 2004 and was opened in January 2010. Its calculated that the construction took more than 110,000 tons of concret, 55000 tons of steel and 22 Million man hours to complete.
🛕 It was designed using the structure of a desert flower called Hynenocallis or spider lily by a man called Adam Smith. Isnt that funny??
🛕 Burj Khlaifa serves many purposes, apart from being a tourist attraction. It consists of hotels, swimming pool, resident apartments, Gyms, restaurants, offices and so much more.
🛕 Burj attracts millions of visitors and VIPs annually to Dubai. Its really a symbol of wealth and affluence.
🛕 Visitors are allowed to explore this monument by buying tickets. There is an observation deck at level 124 and 125 for tourists to view whats going around them and appreciate the whole city view. The very top is not accesible to the public.
🛕 Also there are so many things to do when you visit Mr. Burj, you get to visit Dubai mall, water fountain, Aquarium and the water park. You can never get enough when you visit Burj.
There are many things to say or mention about Burj, so numerous. You will never appreciate Burj until you pay visit. One thing is 100% sure, you will be amazed on what humans can do.
If you have been to Dubai/Burj Khalifaj, kindly add to our points in the comment section. I have never been there, Dubai is an affordable place to visit, DM us today and we ll prepare a good and affordable package for you.
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