It is here again! #Dubai2020……..What is #Dubai2020.

Dubai2020 is an annual trip organized by Hemoghy Travels for tourists, whether single or couples to explore the city of Dubai.

This is the 3rd edition and we have never failed to deliver. This package gives room for intending tourists to plan ahead both logistically and financially. Dubai2019 was a great success and we can’t wait for Dubai2020.

What you need to know about Dubai2020

•Dubai 2020 gives room for intending tourists to explore the city of Dubai

•The trip has been packaged at an affordable cost to lessen financial cost and yet still enjoy the trip

•The trip gives room for instalment payment to allow clients to prepare well.

•Dubai2020 gives you your privacy. It is not a pilgrimage, so you don’t have to mix with other tourists

•The trip is also a way of boosting travel experience for those seeking for such.

•The 2020 edition comes up August 2020

What to Expect

Airport pick off when arriving Dubai and drop off when leaving Dubai

Debai Desert

Desert tour and BBQ, you get to experience what a desert looks like and plenty trip

Dhow cruise, an experience of a life on mini ship

Barj Kalifah

Barj Kalifah

Burj khalifa, yes the great Burj, you get to enter and explore Burj

Dubai city tour, we take you on a half day city tour of Dubai to see what Dubai looks like

Abu Dhabi city tour, Abu Dhabi is also a city in UAE, on this trip you get a chance to see the city

Dancing water is also an experience you would love to experience. This fountain dances to the tune of a played song. It’s a beauty to behold.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

Aquarium at the Dubai Mall, where you get to swim with the shark.
4/6 nights in a nice and comfortable hotel


Metro card, this is a card to be used for self-transportation if need be.

•Ready to assist hand in Dubai whenever a need arises.

Terms and Conditions

•Rates are non-commissionable

•Package is subject to availability

•Rooms are double bed therefore on share basis

•There shall be no refund of fund as from May 15th 2020

•All interested clients must have paid half of cost by April 30th 2020

•Full payment expected latest July 15th 2020

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