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Visa application process is always a time consuming, stressful process. It also demands knowing current information about the proposed country to be visited, since immigration rules can change any time without prior notice.
DIA is created to assist with whole process from start to finish. All you have to do is sign. With our up-to- date, experienced team, your application documents can be ready for submission within 24hours.

o You are assured of dedicated, best, experienced specialists to handle your work
o Fast, neat and clean process
o All documents treated as highly confidential
o At every process of the application, you will be updated via any mode of  contact of your choice either sms of email
o Document delivery, documents will be delivered to you after job completion within 24hours if you are within SW,NC, SE and 48hrs if you are in other region of the country
Need additional information about DIA, contact us by mail