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Differences between Boeing and Airbus

Earlier today we asked if you can differentiate between a Boeing aircraft and an airbus aircraft.  Aviation experts, pilots, flight and cabin crew can easily spot the differences but hard for most passengers. There are 3 major ways of spotting the difference when watching them closeby. Below are few differences between these two giants aircraft birds

Firstly, the Boeing aircraft has a pointy noise, while Airbus crafts have round bulbous nose.

Secondly, the cockpit windows of Boeing family are diagonal while that of Airbus are more of a square.

Boeing cockpit window
airbus cockpit window


Lastly, check out the tail end of both craft, the Boeing tails have a small projection at angle from the tails, these projections are absent in Airbus craft.

tail end of boeing

Usually aircrafts names are indicated on most flight tickets, with these knowledge you now know how to spot the difference between these two giants birds.

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