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America a Good Country to Visit

United States of America is one of the most visited countries in the world. Millions of tourists flood America yearly either for vacation, leisure, sight-seeing or for research purposes. America ranks high because of so many things it offers. There are thousands of Landmarks, Natural monuments in each state; in fact there is no state in America that is not a tourist center.
America also has good hotels, fun parks, sport centers and good entertainment which are what make vacation enjoyable and fun filled.
Some of the attraction centers in America are
1. Time Square in New York
2. Central park in New York
3. Bloomingdale Mall in New York
4. Statue of Liberty in New York
5. Union Station in Washington D.C
9. Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois
10. Las Vegas strip, in Las Vegas, Nevada
11. Mackinac Bridge in Michigan
12. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

As a Nigerian, you will need a valid US visa to enter the United States. To obtain the visa, you will apply online by filling a DS 160 form; pay the required visa fee, then schedule an appointment date for your interview.
During this interview, the consular will decide if you are eligible for a US visa or not. There are criteria that the Consular office looks out for, such as strong social ties to your country, financial background also having small travel history will increase your chance of getting the visa.
Getting a US visa boils down really to how you can prove yourself to the Consular that you will return back home and you are not an intending migrant.
We will talk more about how to prepare for US interview in our future post. Need more information or assistance of our experts in applying for US visa, call 08038551366, whatsapp 08024217590.

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